Cleanup Data

Audit data can get very large, very quickly. Audit comes bundled with a command to help you manage the data.

Command Usage

A command is available to cleanup old data, which can be added to your cron.

php yii audit/cleanup [options]

--entry - True to cleanup the AuditEntry.
--panels - Comma separated list of panels to cleanup.
--age - Max age in days to cleanup, if null then the panel settings are used.

Cleanup all data based on the Module and Panel settings:

php yii audit/cleanup

Cleanup all data by specifing 0 as the max age:

php yii audit/cleanup --age=0

Cleanup all data older than 30 days:

php yii audit/cleanup --age=30

Cleanup only data from LogPanel and ProfilingPanel older than a week

php yii audit/cleanup --panels=audit/log,audit/profiling --age=7

Max Age Settings

In addition to being able to specify the age as an argument to the command, each panel has a maxAge property which specifies the number of days to keep the data. By default this is NULL, which means data will never be removed.

$config = [
    'modules' => [
        'audit' => [
            'class' => 'bedezign\yii2\audit\Audit',
            'maxAge' => 30, // 30 days
            'panels' => [
                'audit/log' => [
                    'maxAge' => 7, // 7 days


Cleanup Command