Mail Panel

This panel will track and display mails that have been sent via your application.

It comes with a panel to display data related to an AuditEntry as well as it’s own grid and view to see all sent mail.


You will need to configure your application to send mail.

As soon as the panel has been added to your configuration it will start tracking mail by listening to the BaseMailer::EVENT_AFTER_SEND event.

You can add it to your configuration as follows:

$config = [
    'modules' => [
       'audit' => [
          'panels' => [


Simply send an email:

    ->setSubject('Message subject')
    ->setTextBody('Plain text content')
    ->setHtmlBody('<b>HTML content</b>')

Now check in the audit module to see your mail:



By default it is assumed that PhpMimeMailParser is installed, but we also allow you to use your own function to do the mail rendering. Simply register a renderEmail panel function on the module (Audit::getInstance()->registerFunction('renderEmail', function)) and it will be called during the detailed email rendering. You’ll get the View and the AuditMail instances as parameters. The function assumes you’ll do your own echo’ing and will ignore any return value.